3 Bedroom Staging in Brooklyn, NY

The thing I love about before and after photos is the clear transformation of a space. While staging a 3 bedroom is no joke, the joy that comes from walking into the rooms with a fresh sense of "home" is a feeling I adore.

The clients of this home were caring, generous, kind, and willing to do whatever it took to make their place perfect for the market. As a professional stager, you can't ask for more than that! Not only did it make me want to work harder, it made me want to bring their vibes into the staging itself. Selling a home needs to be impersonal - you have to think of your home as a product instead of an emotional dwelling. But that doesn't mean they will not always have this beautiful place in their hearts. I'm glad I could make it look it's best, for them. 

See below for the dramatic transformations and additional photos of this 3rd Street beauty in the heart of Park Slope. 

Artwork by Geneva Williams. Photos by Jeni Magana.

Girls Room B&A.jpg