3 Bids in Less Than A Week: The Story of a Prospect Place Staging!

Received the call on Friday, measured and sourced on Tuesday, contract in on Wed, full staging day Thursday. Oh, and I was hopping on a flight at 6am on Friday morning, so there was NO room for major error. This one was a DOOZY, but we got it done! And not only that, this cute 3 bedroom in the heart of Crown Heights has had three bids in the first week... Not bad, eh? 

With any production based job, things go wrong- like the flooring was just finished when I was supposed to measure so I had to source by photo, and the trim was still being painted mere hours before load-in, and a mirror that was supposed to go over the master bed came broken... twice. But you gotta roll with the punches and make it all work. 

Check out the photos and see how we brought out the red cabinets as a funky and pleasing feature, versus a "whatttt do we do with these?" Welcome to Crown Heights....