6 Photos to Prove Why Hiring a Stager Is Imperative

Wonder if home staging is worth the time, work, and money? Let's talk about this challenge for a second....

1) A family of 4 + occupied staging = they live there throughout the staging and selling process

2) 2 out of the 4 family members were boys under the age of 10

3) They had enough stuff to fill 3 homes 

4) Limited budget

5) The broker needed it on the market ASAP

Let me start off by saying how WONDERFUL and SWEET these sellers are, and I will always have a special place in my heart for this property. They worked so hard at decluttering and were able to get rid of 90% of their belongings. Everyone was involved - the wife, the husband, the agent, the kids... After many visits and multiple phone calls (aka: therapy sessions) we got it done, and we did it beautifully! Not only was it incredible to see how much the couple loved it, seeing the pure joy on their boys' faces when they saw their new rooms was just the best feeling. JBC found a way to stick within their small budget and give them the home of their dreams, while staging for the open house all at the same time.

The results? Multiple offers within days. Boom. 

Thinking about staging? As Nike says, just do it. Trust me, it's worth it!