Professional Set Design Credits

The Co-Laboratory San Francisco Dance Film Festival (Film Short) (Art Assistant)

The Co-Laboratory is a unique collaboration between two teams of choreographers and filmmakers who will create two short dance films in a week, shortly before the 2015 festival. The intention is not to create the perfect film, but to bring professional artists into the atmosphere of a laboratory, one that challenges them to think collaboratively and explore possibilities for expression outside their fields, hopefully inspiring future creative relationships among local artists. 

Funded in part by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, the Fleishhacker Foundation, and the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the Co-Laboratory is an annual event to inspire and support local artists of different disciplines to collaboratively create dance films for local and global audiences

Autodesk Sustainability Workshop (Web Series) (Art Assistant)

Designing sustainably means expanding design goals to more fully consider the health of the environment, people, and society. Learn how to craft better solutions for our changing world with the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop videos.